Welcome to The Croft

The Croft is a Bournemouth based specialty deli & grill eatery focusing on quality and genuine produce. We only use fresh ingredients, sourcing them locally then giving maximum flavours to our food with charcoal and steam cooking techniques.

Charcoal & Steam Cooking for Food Lovers

Creating Healthy, Vegan, Gluten Free and Meat Dishes

Firstly, we carefully marinate chicken, lamb, pork, beef with fresh herbs, spices, and vegetables, then accordingly use steam cooking techniques, finally finish them off in the charcoal oven for our unique, scrumptious taste.

Croft’s Super Salad

All vegetables in our super healthy salads are either raw, steam cooked or roasted for maximum flavour, then tumbled with super seeds, nuts, grains and fresh or dried fruit. Vegan & gluten free options are also avaialble.

Croft’s Super Wraps & Flat Breads

All our wraps and flatbreads are served with mayonnaise, fresh salad and our homemade slaw inside.

Artisanal Coffee

Our dedication to deliver the finest artisanal coffee to our customers, combined with our unique blend of beans, creates the perfect experience for coffee lovers.

Scrumptiously Accompanying Homemade Sauces